Behind The Scenes

 Tips and tricks that happen in the process of getting a perfect picture.

I found that over the years it takes a team to put a shot together. Photographers put so much work into getting the perfect light and frame makeup artist make sure you have a strong complexion hair stylist are constantly on the wings ready to correct that mop against the elements and the stylist has a panic attack when they find out the shoot director wants you to stand in a muddy field in an outfit worth thousands.                       When arriving for a shoot a few important factors you should know.

1: Be clean! this means shower as close to shoot time as possible no makeup no hair products just your natural state and smelling fresh of course.

2:Be prepared! Things and ideas can change last minute with shoots so always have a backup plan. i always carry a second pair of underwear incase anything is visible that shouldn’t be and i always have a shoe horn belts and a moisturizer to give to the mua before hand. ill do another post on whats in my bag at shoots soon because its a lot!

3: NEVER SHOW UP LATE! This is just something ill throw in even if it seems petty its not your getting paid a lot to do this shoot and a late reputation lasts somebody is paying a team to wait for you.

4: Stand your ground! I’m not saying show up and call the shots but know what you got booked for and only do what you feel comfortable doing. I wont do the whole dark side to this industry just yet but i’m sure you can imagine why its important to speak up when needed.

5: Be Honest! What i mean about this is if you have Tattoos or piercings or you just don’t look like your profile shots then tell the shoot director its so important to regularly update your Polaroids and show your natural self.

6: Have Fun! Show up and enjoy your day nobody likes sour faces and a bad atmosphere so be happy and thankful because your not the only person creating this picture everyone else has worked just as hard as you.

7: Be Realistic. Not everyone is cut out to be a model but doesn’t mean you cant do it! a lot of the time people don’t meet height or measurements requirements to be a model but i know plenty of singers who cant sing! you might not make the cut for vogue but you can still do shoots and experience the industry. Never accept you cant or no as an answer.

Hope these little things help.


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