Body conscious.

We never really see posts or articles talking about men with body issues and we all know men suffer just as much as women.
I have always had insecurities with my body and it’s really only recently I’ve start to accept it. When I was a teen I felt such pressure to not be as skinny as I was and start training like mad to bulk up. After a while of looking like Popeye and feeling physically sick from protein shakes I copped on and had enough. Not only was I insecure about the shape of my body but I had severe acne on my back that just added fule to the fire and made me feel shit! I’d never go swimming I’d never take my shirt off on holiday or let anyone see my back it was that embarrassing.

In my job I changed my body a lot I was skinny then I was extra skinny then a little flabby and now I’m a lot leaner and hope to stay like this as long as possible. I realized that my goal body wasn’t unreachable and I’m harder on myself than i should be but most of us are unless you stink of Honey G confidence.

This is how I sorted my insecurities.

1: regular exercise. I train Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings it’s not always easy but it’s a fraction of my life and day to maintain my body and mind.

2: Diet. I tried so many times just not for me I can’t do it! but I wouldn’t eat really terrible I try be posh now and then and have a salad but turn  into a pig after dark.

3: Speak about it.  So what I find a lot of the time if I’m in a situation that I might have to show somebody my skin or take my shirt off I have a confession moment with them and tell them everything I think is wrong with myself. I think I do this so they don’t judge me when they see me but it kinda normalizes the situation for me after a while and I’m fine then.

4: Alternative. No matter what it is it can be fixed or improved. when I was left with all my acne scars I tried all sorts of removal treatments from acid and laser to bleaching but I end up getting more scars so decided to tattoo my whole back as any normal person would. Tattoos might not be the way everyone goes but for me it’s the best thing I’ve done I have so much more confidence.

5: hydration. Drink a lot of water from the time I wake up till I go back to bed I have water in my reach and drink as much as possible each day. trust me do a water challenge for a few days and you’ll see the benefits.

So look we all have things we’d like to change and it’s not impossible to change them but the change needs to start with how you see yourself and then work on the exterior. I make a living on my looks and reality is I’m a weapon under it all but when I post over the top pictures or half naked shots it comes off as confidence and confidence goes a long way and I get that little more confident as time goes.

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