How TO Become A Model.

Sibling London fashion week

This is probably the most common thing I get asked so I’ll try make it as short as possible.

Everyone has an idea of what a model is and think that if your attractive to the eye it’s enough to make you a model and in some cases it is but not always.

I never wanted to be a model it was never something I just decided to do it just happened and I was scouted by the right person and gave me a really strong head start.

Cover barber journal

It comes down to how you look on camera. Everyone sees something different and nobody can see anything other than beauty in their own child and that’s amazing but unfortunately because they are beautiful doesn’t make them a model.I see this a lot and it can be very disheartening to see a parent want it more than the son or daughter but when they don’t meet criteria they are devastated and that’s a hard thing for a young teen or child to take on so parents be realistic and know the industry before putting your child in the fire line. I have young kids and teens in my family that I do honestly think they could do this job but I’d rather wait till they made the choice when they are older so they don’t have any pressure to look a certain way.

Marc Coblen campaign

Fashion models are not the same as glamour or commercial models. fashion have a strong criteria. Height and measurements are super strict with fashion models and Fashion models book 90% of the large campaign deals and designers. commercial models don’t have to be tall they can be curvy and they would book 90% of the commercial jobs like toothpaste campaigns or TV commercials.

How to become a model?

If you approach a well know agent like select or elite they will tell you. It might not always be the answer you want but by approaching these agents you will get an idea of the look they want and what might not work this season might work next season. Never pay to be a model! Don’t pay for a portfolio don’t pay for jobs don’t pay anything you should be making money not spending it.  if you sign with a large agent outside Ireland get ready to move fast everything is a deadline.

Italian Vogue magazine                                       

Like any profession some people are just made for it and others not so much. Have confidence in yourself and be confident in what you want and be realistic with yourself if your 5 foot your probably not ever gonna be a fashion model but that’s not to say you can’t model just means it’s a different platform.

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