Ireland Hates Me!!

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was lucky with modelling and in the right place at the right time and that’s all true but I also had to work really hard to keep going and fight for bookings. Everything could of went a lot easier if I had the support from Irish agents and majority of the Irish fashion industry but I didn’t.

A couple of times I wanted to give up and just walk away from everything but the only thing that’s stopped me doing that was and still is the support from my community and the general Irish public.

I remember when I got my first modelling job in London out of the way and I returned to Ireland I felt like I needed an agent in Dublin because how else would I get work when I was home. I never told any agents who I worked with and how I started I wanted them to see the hope and potential all of the large fashion houses seen but it didn’t really go like that. 

The first agent I saw was one of the worse expirences I’ve ever had it is no longer running and I won’t name any agents or names but this place was just horrible. The agent straight away start passing sexual remarks towards me then told me no matter what I’d never make a living from this in Ireland no male models do. the agent wasn’t interested in me I knew that after two minutes but this was all new to me so I didn’t really say much and inside just clicked that I’d already made it to a certain level and I told the agent I’d be in touch but I never even looked back. The second agent just said no your not for us and the third told me we don’t get much work for lads but I’ll put you on the books anyway so at that stage I didn’t really care and went along with it.I got my first modelling job in Ireland with this agent and It was humiliating and I left the next day and never finished the job.

The hard thing to accept is I have no idea why the industry don’t like me or want to support me. I’m professional and know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m not a bad person and have no reason to have that vibe.

I was asked recently who have I worked with? I have done my homework on this industry and when I put everything I’ve done on paper honestly no Irish male model has come close to my success. I’m not trying to come across arrogant and cocky I’m just realistic. I know a day will come that another male model from Ireland will completely dominate the industry and I’ll celebrate for him because I have no reason to not support anyone. I have often worked with people in Ireland and they say after a while oh your actually nice and you know what your doing. This just makes me laugh who told you I wasn’t nice or professional? I always feel like I’m ignored in the Irish industry and I just have to accept that I’ll probably never get recognition for what I done and the success I had and still have but you know what I don’t care anymore because I know and that’s all that really matters.
As for the agent who said I’d never make a living from this industry in Ireland! That’s what set me apart from other models I put the work in and I have made a nice living the past few years enough of a living that I have launched two companies!

I don’t accept no or you can’t as an answer.


5 thoughts on “Ireland Hates Me!!

  1. Brilliant read didn’t realize it was so hard for you what a strong person you are to persist with it well done you it’s amazing x


  2. Lol Man/woman up and have the bollox to use a real name. And I don’t dispute that Ireland has other male models I think it’s amazing and they all do amazing work and in all honesty I don’t care what you have to say I obviously cause some sort of curiosity for you to have a snoop. And as for the finances and how I come across the brands still book me and it works wonders for me and always has. Keep checking me out so you don’t miss anything.


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