Body Goals.

Sick of false expectations in the gym? sick of looking at skinny remedies on social media that don’t work? ever regret starting a fitness class because the trainer is screaming and you’re already feeling shit about yourself without getting ridiculed?


Well if so have a read below it might help.

We all have “body goals” but how realistic is it to have shredded abs and the perfect shape? I’m sick of looking at social media and all you see is skinny tea or fat burning juices that never work because if they did everyone would use it and have results. When I was a teen I was very thin and I hated it so began lifting weights and drinking protein shakes to bulk up but I regret it all now I’m older. At 16 I was starting to look a bit stupid I had a larger chest and stupid looking shoulders with skinny legs so I stopped training and the muscle began to shrink and I start to go back to my skinny self. never fully achieving my “dream body”. I liked staying active and gave it my all but if I didn’t have quick results I just gave up. Becoming a model was a huge pressure to have a particular body shape and it’s something that changes a lot in the fashion industry. I would look at other models I worked with in London and they all had zero body fat or muscle they all just looked like bags of bones so I start to feel huge next to them. I was really cutting back on anything I felt would make me gain weight and I went super thin just like the rest of them but what I forgot was a lot of these models were years younger than me and I had already looked like that in my teen years. Recently I noticed a lot of teenage lads training and trying to bulk up and what they don’t see yet is that they will bulk up in time so probably shouldn’t force it. My dream body was never huge muscles and pumped chest I always just wanted to look healthy, fit and athletic it’s taken me years to realise I was doing it all wrong then I found Taylor Fitness

Working out is more than physical for me even though it’s important for me to look a particular way 90% of it is my mental therapy. After a while, with my super skinny lifestyle, I stopped training or doing anything active because in my head I was skinny and never going to get fat but I did. It was two years since I done any type of workout or anything healthy for my body. I start filling out around my waist a place I never saw fat on myself so knew I needed a change of lifestyle. It takes a lot of willpower and thankfully I feel I have that so I scrapped smoking and found Taylor fitness. After meeting with Taylor fitness I knew that this gym was different and that I would achieve something from this place. I learned a lot and still learning a lot about my body and my limits and what works for me and what doesn’t things I never knew about or was ever told in other gyms and the best part of all its all done naturally. I always felt I needed supplements if I wanted my body right and I would need a super diet but I don’t. I only diet for 5 days in advance of any type of shirtless or nude job I’m doing to lower my fat and sharpen my abs every other day I eat what I want when I went. In Taylor fitness, i get to try different and natural ways to change my body quickly and it’s still fascinating to me that so much can be achieved with hard work and the right techniques. I’m somebody who will probably always have body issues and will always be hard on myself but I can honestly say that it’s taken me all this time years and years unhappy or satisfied to finally be happy with my body and the knowledge I’m gaining about my body something I never could have done without Taylor fitness.

Taylor Fitness



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