My 1 Million Pound Deal

I always said I was never given the same credibility as other models in ireland because I don’t socialize on the “model scene” but I think I take a lot of people who pre judge me by supprised when I start to share my experiences and projects that I don’t publicize. 
When I look back at the beginning of my career and look at what jobs I’ve landed and what ones I lost and refused I see that I have really come a long long way. A thing I get asked regular by people in this industry is what do you do? The answer is a model. I was told at the very start of my journey that Irish males don’t make this a living it’s not possible the work just isn’t available but that’s not true because I’m standing 6 years later still doing it and I don’t think I’m doing that bad financially. 

I’ll try keep this quick and simple.

I was lucky enough to do some very high profile jobs in the beginning of my career that have paid me enough to last a year if I was clever. I space my jobs out well and I book a lot of jobs that I might not post on Facebook or instagram because I’m just not that bothered about it. People think you get into this job for fame and attention and I avoided that from day one I even refused a 1 million pound publicity deal that some people find stupid but I had my reasons. Last year I signed two really nice TV deals one with an American HBO series and the other with an Irish comedy show that I didn’t share much about because I just didn’t feel the need. Currently im the brand ambassador for two separate companies and the face to an Irish men’s clothing brand along with my own clothing brand that I could fortunately built on the success of my modelling career.

This isn’t to sound like I’m showing off what I’ve done or haven’t done I really don’t care about impressing people this is a message to say that it can be done and no matter what you want in your future it’s achievable with enough work and self belief. I got myself to this stage of my life with the support of friends and family because I’d be lying if I said it was easy but it’s definitely not impossible.

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