Does AFAs amino acid skin care really work? 

It’s a while since I done a post or product review but finally after a couple of weeks using  AFAs amino acid skin care range I finally have one done. 

Most of you who read my posts or reviews know how much I put into skin care and know I had a bad run with Acne growing up and still do every now and then.

Firstly I want to describe the type of skin I have so that it’s easier for you to figure out if these products will work for you. I have combination skin but it’s not just combination it’s pretty extreme. I have parts of my face and body that are very oily and parts that a severely dry so it’s never easy to find a product that suits me. Eden Beauty Group had kindly sent me a package with AFAs products after i seen a review online and my sister was ranting and raving about it. The package contained the AFAs cleanser, moisturiser and gel.

Every morning and evening I would cleanse my face with the cleanser pat my face dry with a clean white cloth and then apply the moisturiser. The gel i used and absolutely loved on any little breakouts or discoulred parts of my skin. When using the cleanser I felt a small tingle as expected from products with amino acids but it was very very subtle nothing out of the ordinary. After 4 days I began to really see a difference in my face I had one small breakout which again trying new products can be expected so I wasn’t worried at all and the gel quickly fixed that. I then found on day 7 my skin on my face was a little sensitive.
I then decided to try it on my body that that my skin is tougher and my body would be very oily compared to my face. After a couple of days I could see a huge difference in my oil control and maybe felt this product was just a little too powerful for my face but ideal for back, shoulders and chest main areas I suffer with extremely oily skin.

The gel is a little miracle worker any spot or blemish I had I’d use just 1 drop before bed and when I  wake up it was practically gone so that just blew my mind. The moisturiser is very light and has a matte appearance which I feel is definitely something men would prefer. Men tend to not like the glossy greasy look in a moisturiser and the cleanser even though I stopped using on my face after a while has really supprised me with how effective it is on other parts of my body. 

Overall I can’t really fault anything with this product. Eden Beauty Group had also mentioned to me that the cleanser could be used for shaving so like anyone else doing a review I gave it a go. I hate shaving the main reason my skin is very sensitive and I hate the numbness and sensitive feeling after a shave. I did think it was really good and easy to shave once I worked it into my skin and I had absolutely no ingrown hairs or little drags from the razor so that really impressed me.

I still wouldn’t rule out using the cleanser on my face I’ll still cleanse my face with it just not daily. 

So anyone like me especially with Acne on your back, shoulders and chest this product is amazing and that’s the god honest truth the gel alone is amazing and i would highly recommend trying it out. If you suffer with Acne on your face then it will work wonders for you. Since I used it on my body I haven’t got any new breakouts and that’s rare for me I can’t remember the last time I got past a week without a breakout.

If your interested in trying AFAs skin care range you can check it out. Buy Now!

This is definitely a keeper for me going forward with controlling my skin. Thanks so much Eden Beauty Group.

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