Easy ways to improve your fitness and health

Before I start I just want to stress I am not a professional in fitness or health these are just things I do to improve.

People think you have to spend hundreds of euro and endless hours in the gym but you really don’t.

I do 3 days a week 1 hour each evening. When I was younger I had a very fast metabolism but unfortunately that’s not the case now that I’m older but I figured out ways that work for me to shed unwanted fat.

I break my body down into 3 stages and delicate each section to a different day.

Day 1: Chest, arms and abs

Day2: Shoulders, back and abs

Day 3: legs and abs

I do abs every gym session purely because it’s my focus point for insecurity so I try extra hard on this area.

If you’d be interested in my tips and tricks then subscribe to this page and I will be posting my full workout and routines.

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