Shampoo that shouldn’t be just for women.

Shampoos for men usually don’t cut it. And while some men are fully sold on the benefits of premium male grooming, a lot of men are reluctant to take the plunge of their own accord out of the misplaced fear that taking care of their appearance somehow compromises their masculinity WELL SOME OF THEM.

The Pureology Strength Cure Colour Care Shampoo is great not only if you have dyed or heat treated hair, but if your hair is fine or thinning. The same nutritive benefits of the shampoo which protect chemical and heat damaged hair also restores moisture and strength to hair which is fine or thinning. Now isn’t that Gay ☺

A lot of “women” products have great properties for mens hair, skin and even body. Anyone with a hair issue or skin issue buy products that have the properties to correct or improve it don’t just settle for what gender it’s marketed towards.

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