Body Of Work by @alsoknownassven

Anybody who has followed my journey or knows me on a personal level know how insecure I really am about my body. I often get responses whenever I speak about body issues or insecurities telling me it’s all just for attention and that I couldnt be that insecure because of the content I share online. Since I was a young teen I have alway struggled with my skin then after years and still continuous struggles I’ve come to be a lot more accepting and relising that perfection doesnt exist! I really work hard on controlling my body shape which is ever changing and not always how I’d like it to be but that’s just life. I got to work with the incredibly talented @alsoknownassven and it was really a test for myself to regain confidence around my insecurities. Body image is important to so many people especially men and because it isnt spoken about that often is goes under the radar and it shouldn’t because men struggle just as much with self confidence. I am a work in progress and I have a long journey ahead of me but this experience and looking at myself in a natural light flaws an all I can now start to appreciate myself and not body shame myself anymore. We are all very different and that’s what makes us beautiful. I will do a part 2 soon and share more images we created and I thank @alsoknownassven for being so understanding to my insecurities and this has been a very liberating project for me.

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