I Am Thankful For All Of Those Who Said, “No” To Me. It’s Because Of Them I’m Doing It Myself.”- Albert Einstein

  • Happiness Is Not Something Readymade. It Comes From Your Own Actions.”-Dalai Lama

  • We Become What We Think About.” -Earl Nightingale

  • Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone. You Can Only Grow If You Are Willing To Feel Awkward And Uncomfortable When You Try Something New.”- Brian Tracy


Dublin model Gary Talbot on finding love


Dublin model on finding love at 27: ‘When I met Ciaran, it was the first time I was ever attracted to anyone’

When Ireland’s top male model, Gary Talbot, was strutting his stuff at London Fashion Week he caught the eye of some of the most beautiful women in the world.

The 27-year-old Dubliner became the first Irishman to take part in what is one of the world’s most celebrated fashion events.

At one stage, quiet-spoken Gary was earning up to €12,000 a day, thanks to his chiselled good looks.

But it’s only in recent months that the towering 6ft 2in Ballyfermot native has accepted and realised that he is in fact gay.The Dub has more than 60,000 followers on his website and he’s constantly being bombarded with messages. Many of those were gay men hitting on him, but it was never something which appealed to himBut last June he was contacted by Dublin optician, Ciaran Hewitt, and Gary’s life changed forever.

“When Ciaran contacted me I was like, ‘yeah he’s probably just like everybody else’,” he explains.

“When I did open his message I was like ‘he seems very nice’ and we were talking for a good while before we ever went out for a coffee.

“Then we went out about eight times for a coffee. I was still thinking ‘this isn’t really for me’, even though I knew it was. I was keeping everything at a slow pace.”

Gary was so terrified about ‘coming out’ that he had anxiety attacks and was so stressed that he lost a stone in weight.“I just didn’t know what was wrong with me,” he reflects. “I went into a panic state, I couldn’t come to terms with it. I never knew. So when the penny dropped I lost over a stone in weight in a matter of weeks, from worry.”

He was petrified his career would be ruined.

“I have a female following and I have a lot of straight men who follow me because they like my fitness posts,” he explains.

“I always considered myself to be a bit of a manly man. I do go to the gym but I’m more into going rock-climbing and getting my hands dirty.

“I’m not your stereotypical type model. I don’t sit at home pampering myself with a face mask on. That’s just not me, so I was afraid I was going to lose that and people would look at me differently and go ‘he’s not a man’ or ‘he’s not a masculine man’.“That was a big part of it – and then with the industry, I was going ‘I’m not going to appeal to women, I’m going to appeal obviously to gay men. I thought I’d lose the straight men following, but, thankfully, I haven’t.”

Even in school Gary just had flings with girls, but was never in a proper relationship.

“I was never going out with anyone really,” he admits. “I had it in my head ‘you know what, I’m probably not interested in anybody’.

“Still to this day I can appreciate somebody’s beauty, but I’ve never been attracted to anybody. So I was like ‘there’s something seriously going on here’.

“I used to be surrounded by stunning people, both women and men. Even with men there was never anything that triggered in my brain.

“So that’s why when I met Ciaran, it was the first time I was ever attracted to a person and I was like ‘holy sh*t, it’s a man’. So it knocked me for six.”

Gary is not a big drinker or socialiser and even since he’s been with Ciaran he’s only been to one gay bar in his life.

“I think I was really lucky because out of all the people who’ve ever mailed me or messaged me he is the only one who has understood me and understood where I was at,” he stresses.

They have now been dating a couple of months.

“My whole life has changed,” he beams. “Obviously I was carrying this stress and then I came out. But nobody cared. Some were shocked, but nobody batted an eyelid.

“I’ve from a very big family and they were very understanding.”

Gary was 21 when he was ‘discovered’ by American model Tyson Beckford. Tyson, who is a judge on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, came across a picture of Gary on Twitter and contacted him and arranged to meet him in Dublin.

Gary now hopes to start up his own men’s skincare company and admits he’s never been happier in his life.

“People look at it [his ‘coming out’] as being unusual at an older age, because kids come out in their teens these days.

“I think if I had known myself I probably would have come out a lot younger. I think it just made it a little bit more confusing that I was older – but just do it, because life it too short.

“You only get one shot at life and I’m glad it’s happened to me now and my life is only starting.”


My Mental State


I Know in the past I mentioned I had a lot of Physical insecurities and that’s all still true but I suffer from a lot of other insecurities and this is just how I try to deal with day to day issues.

I suffer from Anxiety sometimes to the extent that I cant leave my home or even do simple tasks but I try to keep it all hidden. Only a handful of people in my life know I have anxiety and now that I’m in a relationship its something I really want to try to move away from and live a normal life. Like, everyone, we all have some sort of shit in our lives and I always keep my real feelings locked away that then becomes too much and I start to overthink and analyse everything. In most circumstances i try to give the whole I don’t care attitude and sometimes that works but then it all floods back into my head and it doesn’t matter what the topic is I always expect the worse. If you suffer from anxiety you can relate to some of what I’m saying and this is just a few things I’ve started to do that’s slowly helping me get a hold of it and take control of my own thoughts.

The first thing is talk about it! Men don’t share how they feel because they fear judgment or losing masculinity but the reality is your stronger for speaking up.
Ciarán (my boyfriend) for those who don’t know has really given me the push to be stronger without even realizing it. When we first started dating in the back of my mind I was terrified for a couple of reasons not only because of my coming out but fear he would think I was too much because I carry this baggage. I was so lucky that he didn’t judge me I start to open up more and share more of my life with him and I admire his view on worry and loss so its a goal of mine to be that strong some day.

My closest friend Leona is probably the only person and my mum who know everything about me and what way I think and how I process things. Leona has always had my back and I’m sure I drive her mad constantly doubting myself and doubting every situation in my life. Leona has a very logical way of looking at things and breaks down what I’m thinking and gives me ideas of how to fix it without actually telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. My mam is my rock and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a mammy’s boy but we help each other and we always talk to each other about how we feel and the support is always unbelievably strong.

So this is what I’m doing the past few months to try to get the anxiety out of my life and take full control over my emotions and fears.

Iv start to document everything! I know it sounds a lot but its really not. If I hit a stage in the day and trust me I hit several where i get overwhelmed with anxiety I just take out my phone and i put it into my notes I then try to move away from it and after I calm down I read it and its half the issue I felt when it first came to mind. I panic over loss so I fear because I let very few people into my life I fear that when I let them in they will hurt me in some way but this comes from past experiences where people close to me say or do things that make me lose trust. I’ve learned a lot over the past few months and I’m working hard on it for the next couple of months. I know this was brief and I only gave one tip but that’s the only tip I have right now because I’m still dealing and working on myself but if you suffer from anxiety or know somebody who does id love to hear your experiences and if you have overcome it then please share your tips and I will then post them on this page in hope to help others suffering in silence.


Gary x

Easy ways to improve your fitness and health

Before I start I just want to stress I am not a professional in fitness or health these are just things I do to improve.

People think you have to spend hundreds of euro and endless hours in the gym but you really don’t.

I do 3 days a week 1 hour each evening. When I was younger I had a very fast metabolism but unfortunately that’s not the case now that I’m older but I figured out ways that work for me to shed unwanted fat.

I break my body down into 3 stages and delicate each section to a different day.

Day 1: Chest, arms and abs

Day2: Shoulders, back and abs

Day 3: legs and abs

I do abs every gym session purely because it’s my focus point for insecurity so I try extra hard on this area.

If you’d be interested in my tips and tricks then subscribe to this page and I will be posting my full workout and routines.

Does AFAs amino acid skin care really work? 

It’s a while since I done a post or product review but finally after a couple of weeks using  AFAs amino acid skin care range I finally have one done. 

Most of you who read my posts or reviews know how much I put into skin care and know I had a bad run with Acne growing up and still do every now and then.

Firstly I want to describe the type of skin I have so that it’s easier for you to figure out if these products will work for you. I have combination skin but it’s not just combination it’s pretty extreme. I have parts of my face and body that are very oily and parts that a severely dry so it’s never easy to find a product that suits me. Eden Beauty Group had kindly sent me a package with AFAs products after i seen a review online and my sister was ranting and raving about it. The package contained the AFAs cleanser, moisturiser and gel.

Every morning and evening I would cleanse my face with the cleanser pat my face dry with a clean white cloth and then apply the moisturiser. The gel i used and absolutely loved on any little breakouts or discoulred parts of my skin. When using the cleanser I felt a small tingle as expected from products with amino acids but it was very very subtle nothing out of the ordinary. After 4 days I began to really see a difference in my face I had one small breakout which again trying new products can be expected so I wasn’t worried at all and the gel quickly fixed that. I then found on day 7 my skin on my face was a little sensitive.
I then decided to try it on my body that that my skin is tougher and my body would be very oily compared to my face. After a couple of days I could see a huge difference in my oil control and maybe felt this product was just a little too powerful for my face but ideal for back, shoulders and chest main areas I suffer with extremely oily skin.

The gel is a little miracle worker any spot or blemish I had I’d use just 1 drop before bed and when I  wake up it was practically gone so that just blew my mind. The moisturiser is very light and has a matte appearance which I feel is definitely something men would prefer. Men tend to not like the glossy greasy look in a moisturiser and the cleanser even though I stopped using on my face after a while has really supprised me with how effective it is on other parts of my body. 

Overall I can’t really fault anything with this product. Eden Beauty Group had also mentioned to me that the cleanser could be used for shaving so like anyone else doing a review I gave it a go. I hate shaving the main reason my skin is very sensitive and I hate the numbness and sensitive feeling after a shave. I did think it was really good and easy to shave once I worked it into my skin and I had absolutely no ingrown hairs or little drags from the razor so that really impressed me.

I still wouldn’t rule out using the cleanser on my face I’ll still cleanse my face with it just not daily. 

So anyone like me especially with Acne on your back, shoulders and chest this product is amazing and that’s the god honest truth the gel alone is amazing and i would highly recommend trying it out. If you suffer with Acne on your face then it will work wonders for you. Since I used it on my body I haven’t got any new breakouts and that’s rare for me I can’t remember the last time I got past a week without a breakout.

If your interested in trying AFAs skin care range you can check it out. Buy Now!

This is definitely a keeper for me going forward with controlling my skin. Thanks so much Eden Beauty Group.

Go give them a like and follow on Facebook and instagram with the links below. IG FB

My 1 Million Pound Deal

I always said I was never given the same credibility as other models in ireland because I don’t socialize on the “model scene” but I think I take a lot of people who pre judge me by supprised when I start to share my experiences and projects that I don’t publicize. 
When I look back at the beginning of my career and look at what jobs I’ve landed and what ones I lost and refused I see that I have really come a long long way. A thing I get asked regular by people in this industry is what do you do? The answer is a model. I was told at the very start of my journey that Irish males don’t make this a living it’s not possible the work just isn’t available but that’s not true because I’m standing 6 years later still doing it and I don’t think I’m doing that bad financially. 

I’ll try keep this quick and simple.

I was lucky enough to do some very high profile jobs in the beginning of my career that have paid me enough to last a year if I was clever. I space my jobs out well and I book a lot of jobs that I might not post on Facebook or instagram because I’m just not that bothered about it. People think you get into this job for fame and attention and I avoided that from day one I even refused a 1 million pound publicity deal that some people find stupid but I had my reasons. Last year I signed two really nice TV deals one with an American HBO series and the other with an Irish comedy show that I didn’t share much about because I just didn’t feel the need. Currently im the brand ambassador for two separate companies and the face to an Irish men’s clothing brand along with my own clothing brand that I could fortunately built on the success of my modelling career.

This isn’t to sound like I’m showing off what I’ve done or haven’t done I really don’t care about impressing people this is a message to say that it can be done and no matter what you want in your future it’s achievable with enough work and self belief. I got myself to this stage of my life with the support of friends and family because I’d be lying if I said it was easy but it’s definitely not impossible.

Body Goals.

Sick of false expectations in the gym? sick of looking at skinny remedies on social media that don’t work? ever regret starting a fitness class because the trainer is screaming and you’re already feeling shit about yourself without getting ridiculed?


Well if so have a read below it might help.

We all have “body goals” but how realistic is it to have shredded abs and the perfect shape? I’m sick of looking at social media and all you see is skinny tea or fat burning juices that never work because if they did everyone would use it and have results. When I was a teen I was very thin and I hated it so began lifting weights and drinking protein shakes to bulk up but I regret it all now I’m older. At 16 I was starting to look a bit stupid I had a larger chest and stupid looking shoulders with skinny legs so I stopped training and the muscle began to shrink and I start to go back to my skinny self. never fully achieving my “dream body”. I liked staying active and gave it my all but if I didn’t have quick results I just gave up. Becoming a model was a huge pressure to have a particular body shape and it’s something that changes a lot in the fashion industry. I would look at other models I worked with in London and they all had zero body fat or muscle they all just looked like bags of bones so I start to feel huge next to them. I was really cutting back on anything I felt would make me gain weight and I went super thin just like the rest of them but what I forgot was a lot of these models were years younger than me and I had already looked like that in my teen years. Recently I noticed a lot of teenage lads training and trying to bulk up and what they don’t see yet is that they will bulk up in time so probably shouldn’t force it. My dream body was never huge muscles and pumped chest I always just wanted to look healthy, fit and athletic it’s taken me years to realise I was doing it all wrong then I found Taylor Fitness

Working out is more than physical for me even though it’s important for me to look a particular way 90% of it is my mental therapy. After a while, with my super skinny lifestyle, I stopped training or doing anything active because in my head I was skinny and never going to get fat but I did. It was two years since I done any type of workout or anything healthy for my body. I start filling out around my waist a place I never saw fat on myself so knew I needed a change of lifestyle. It takes a lot of willpower and thankfully I feel I have that so I scrapped smoking and found Taylor fitness. After meeting with Taylor fitness I knew that this gym was different and that I would achieve something from this place. I learned a lot and still learning a lot about my body and my limits and what works for me and what doesn’t things I never knew about or was ever told in other gyms and the best part of all its all done naturally. I always felt I needed supplements if I wanted my body right and I would need a super diet but I don’t. I only diet for 5 days in advance of any type of shirtless or nude job I’m doing to lower my fat and sharpen my abs every other day I eat what I want when I went. In Taylor fitness, i get to try different and natural ways to change my body quickly and it’s still fascinating to me that so much can be achieved with hard work and the right techniques. I’m somebody who will probably always have body issues and will always be hard on myself but I can honestly say that it’s taken me all this time years and years unhappy or satisfied to finally be happy with my body and the knowledge I’m gaining about my body something I never could have done without Taylor fitness.

Taylor Fitness



Want to be instagram famous?

Why is it really important to have a popular image on Social Media these days?                      Are followers and why are ‘likes’ the only thing teens strive to achieve?

    Early in 2012, I was given an opportunity that could change my life forever.  If I wanted and I took it but at a cost. Some people may know me but for those who don’t well your opinion means very little.

    My name is Gary Talbot I grew up in Ballyfermot, Dublin.
    I became the first ever Irish Male Model to walk ‘London Fashion Week’. In less than one year I had featured in over 100 publications including GQ and British Vogue. I signed campaign deals for brands such as Tomas Sabo and German online superstore Miinto and ranked as one of the most sought after faces in Indian fashion.
    My whole life changed and I felt unstoppable, but I wasn’t.
    I had a very strong run with the international fashion industry.  I’d offers from every corner of the globe. TV productions including BBC had all pitched ideas and proposals. An ordinary person would have jumped on most of the things I refused, even though it’s what I always wanted I had such a fear of becoming famous or too recognisable, but that’s what I wanted. It wasn’t all good, I had just as many declined offers but I never looked at it as a loss just an experience. Every time I returned home to Ireland I felt so deflated and disappointed at myself but I love Ireland and the people. I couldn’t understand why I was getting so much attention and work away and so many opportunities handed to me, yet Ireland never really noticed what I could do or what I could be or even what I had done. When I began to model I could only think of a few Irish Male Models who I wanted to be on par with. A few were Sam Homan and Carl Shaaban who dominated the Irish scene and also Karl Bowe for his dedication and hard work but I just never felt like any of my success mattered. 
    With not getting the response I really wanted in Ireland I began building my different Social Media pages in the hope of getting more recognition. I started a blog then Instagram and then a Facebook account, anything to promote myself and get consumed by popularity not realising that all of this means nothing. Everywhere you turn you see teenagers taking selfies and glued into phones and checking the volume of likes they get on each post. I can’t lie, Social Media has given me a lot in return but it still doesn’t fit into reality. I know I sound hypocritical because I do post those perfect pictures and luxurious locations at times but I also make it my business to post real content and show that I’m not this perfect person in pictures, in fact, I’m just normal. I recently had my whole back covered in a tattoo and the real reason was to cover scars I was left with from years of acne.  I shared the truth and had so many teenage lads say they have the same problem and that they were glad I wasn’t afraid to speak about it and that’s a huge problem in today’s society nobody is speaking anymore.
    I just want to highlight that nobody is perfect and it’s not important to be Social Media popular.
    I was reading an article of a young boy who committed suicide due to bullying but what they didn’t highlight was that it was cyber bullying. Could you imagine never being able to  escape a bully especially if they are in your phone. They always see ‘bullying’ in these tragic stories but I’ve seen it first hand if you can’t live up to this perfect Instagram or Facebook lifestyle then your just not cool enough. 
    Not everyone can afford to post the popular jewellery items at Christmas or the new shoes daily and that’s enough to have you considered as unpopular. Again I know it’s hypocritical because I feed stereotype by posting different situations but that’s just work it’s not real it’s made to look good to be appealing but it’s not. I have had everything, good and bad said to me on social media if I was in anyway vulnerable these things would have seriously impacted me. So here I am a successful Model a Business Man and a popular status online, I have it all.  I broke boundaries it’s not what you think it is just be yourself and be successful at that.  Stop worrying about likes and followers, start focusing on reality. 
    I look at younger Models who have great careers ahead of them and I commend all the new Irish Models who are killing it in the Fashion Industry like Caoimhin O’ Brien and Dylan Moran but because of what people think of me on Social Media they assume I envy them or try compete and I really don’t. I know I have a lot of people who don’t like my work and don’t think I deserve anything and that’s fine that they have an opinion, but you don’t know me you have never met me I’m not what you see online I’m not what you think I am. I hope eventually people will become less judgmental and less obsessed with these petty things. I know I was judgmental and pressured but now I really don’t care I’m still doing what I love I’m still building my platform and I’m still going to be me.
    2016 was definitely a year I’ll never forget. One shoot in particular really changed how I see myself. I’m not the most confident person in the world and nobody will criticize me more than myself. John Murray shot some headshots for me and I learned a lot about how I look and that we all see something different in ourselves he posted a shot of me unedited and I saw a completely different person, he’s one of the reasons I feel this post is important for you all to read so thank you John.

    John Murray headshots

    I recently reached out to a young new talented photographer Hannah Corcoran to help me with this post. Hannah has a great style that I love that.  She captures a lot of rawness and I wanted a shoot with her to show myself as natural as possible. No makeup, no styling, no hair or smoke and mirrors just natural light. I wanted to do this because of the confidence I gained with shooting for John. I knew shooting with Hannah would be something outside my comfort zone but a shoot that I will always love. So thank you Hannah. 

    Hannah Corcoran

    Hannah Corcoran

    Hannah Corcoran

    Hannah Corcoran

    The point behind all of this is that you don’t have to be something you’re not to be good at what you do. Don’t fall victim to Social Media and don’t judge anyone before getting to know them. I honestly have nothing bad to say about anyone in this industry or anyone I don’t know in person because I know that a picture online doesn’t reveal more than what you want it to. I hope 2017 is everything you all want and more.
    Happy New Year.